The Hanukkah Bush

One time in 2008, I was out for a fall walk in my Denver neighborhood. Had my headphones in, my sweater on, and was digging on the changing leaves. When, out of the blue, I had an olfactory rush of pine! It was intoxicating. I instantly followed the scent. Got stronger by the block, and […]


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Who da Poochie?

It was a Saturday in December of 2012. I went to the Mountain Dog rescue near the camp where I worked and lived. I was nervous when I walked in. This was to be my first dog ever. And how would I know if I was choosing the right one? I was looking for a […]

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The Water is Fine

I always dream about vacations. I long to let it all go and get away from my worries. I dream of beaches and mountains and foreign lands. And I dream of doing very little once I get there. And yet, last month, I went on the best vacation you can imagine. It wasn’t in some […]

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There has been a phenomenon that has occurred throughout my adult life that I think you need to know about. I can tell the future. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “has Jonah been out in the sun too long?” But no my friends, I speak the truth. This has been happening every 3-9 […]

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Workin’ for the Man

I have had a lot of jobs in my life. In the early days, it was scooping ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, making sandwiches at the mall food court deli, and somehow working on the staff of a Washington DC wedding vendor magazine. And over the years, I found my calling to work with kids and […]

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Just Look

“Take it from me, in order to be connected, understood, and truly comfortable in our skin, we need to look at each other. Dare I say STARE at each other. Soak each other in.” It is amazing to me how every single day of my life I am confronted with people looking, pretending not to […]

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Welcome to the Rhythm Within

The Rhythm Within, the term I have given to my business and the philosophy of stepping through this life by the beat of your own gut.  After a lifetime of journaling, facebook-posting, and talking my friends’ ears off, I thought it time to enter the modern age. I feel like I was given a sharp eye […]

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