There has been a phenomenon that has occurred throughout my adult life that I think you need to know about. I can tell the future. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “has Jonah been out in the sun too long?” But no my friends, I speak the truth. This has been happening every 3-9 months for the past 30 years. The process goes something like this. I have a dream. It is usually about nothing extraordinary. Just certain situations, with certain people, doing and saying specific things. There are times where the people in the dreams are known to me, and times when they appear to be strangers. But it is always mundane scenarios. Like playing cards around a table, or driving in a car.  When I wake up from these certain dreams, I will consciously say to myself, “Wow, that was random, I was sitting at a card table with my friend Crazy Todd and he said, ‘pass me those weird and wonderful chips.’” I remember the exact circumstances and conversations, I acknowledge that they are totally random and yet specific, and then I go about my day and life for usually about 6 months. And then, the moment will happen. Just as I dreamt it. I bet I know the exact phrase that just popped into your heads. Not because of my ability to read minds but because every single person I have ever tried to share this with always regurgitated the same phrase back to me: Déjà vu.

I must take opposition to this reference though because the definition of Déjà vu is:

The feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past.

The FEELING. Not the certainty that I have in those moments. When the actual situation arises, I will stop and literally remember the morning when I woke up and recollected that very scene in my dream. I will recall how long ago it was and remember the exact feeling on the exact morning I dreamt it. This is not the feeling or sense that I have been through this before. It is the exact memory of dreaming the scene.

The three things I take from this ability my mind seems to have are:

  1. I believe it. It has happened consistently over enough times and with enough exact detail from dream to reality, that I simply don’t question it.
  2. It has always been of sincere interest to me that the scenarios that I dream about in advance are not of seeming importance. Just simple everyday life events. Or is it that they are trying to tell me that these simple daily interactions are as important as anything in the world? Or a way to reassure me that I am on the right path?
  3. How hard it is for others to embrace it as real. To not just write it off as Deja Vu or Crazy Jew. And even more so, how hard it is for all of us to embrace that which we cannot rationalize. How difficult it seems for us to believe that there are abilities or forces or phenomena in the world that are beyond the ability of our conscious minds to understand.

I have always thought this way about God and religion. I notice how hard people try to explain God. To make sense of God. Because we tend to feel better about things that we understand and can explain in words. And yet, the very definition of faith is belief in that which we cannot see. I have come to feel really comforted by concepts that can’t be explained by mere humans. Things that pack such an unbelievable punch, they simply must be felt. Experienced. And barely attempted to be explained. When asked in an interview about his mystical song-writing ability, Tom Petty said, “I can’t really explain it, I dare not even think about it too much out of fear that it will go away.”

Recently, on a road trip with Megan, I was commenting about how hard it can be for me to be nonchalant about certain things. To which she looked at me and said, “Oh babe, if anything, you’re Extra-Chalant!” And so my friends, I will get back to dreaming about grocery shopping with my Aunt Terrie. And if you have any superpowers you want to talk about, call me anytime. I promise to take you seriously.


2 thoughts on “Extra-Chalant

  1. You have the gift of openness which I’ve learned as a child from my mom and dad. It’s been one of the greatest gifts they could give and has kept my heart and soul free( not always clean but free). I still fall from time to time but how wonderful and refreshing your soul is!!! I too am a drummer turned guitar/songwriter and many of my ideas come to me in slumber, just coming out or just going in and I can hear everything, the entire orchestration! My wife already thinks I’m out there so it’s no biggie for her!! Keep on keepin on man! You are a star in a dark sky!!!

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