Purple Reign

I am writing this on Friday morning. Joe Biden took the lead in Georgia overnight and Pennsylvania this morning. Therefore, I am fully admitting to feeling cautiously optimistic about his chances of winning the presidency. And yet, I have been aware all week and am aware this morning that Joe Biden winning this race is […]


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The Mishpachah

Life is so interesting. People are so interesting. I’m 48 and it amazes me the lessons that still come my way. I think they keep comin’ because I stay open to them. Case in point: Just over two months ago, Megan, Amelia, Banjo, and I moved from Colorado to Michigan. We didn’t have a house […]

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I would like to tell you about my weekend. Specifically, I would like to tell you about three events that took place over the course of last weekend. Friday night, Megan, Amelia, and I were invited to dinner by three of my first and longest-running client families.  These are three families tied together by the […]

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The Voices In My Head

I’m hearing voices in my head again. Ancient voices heard only from time to time. They are only heard a few times in your life and only if you are quiet enough to hear them. I heard them once before. Twenty years ago, in fact. I was living in Maryland and ready for a change […]

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Glorious Hardship

It is 3:05 am and my child is crying. Loud. I am in that hazy zone of sleep where my body and a vast majority of my mind are still asleep. But there is a piece of my conscious brain that can hear her cries, can visualize that I am going to have to be […]

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“Got my own mind I wanna make my own decisions When it has to do with my life, my life I wanna be the one in control” -Janet Jackson I tripped and fell while holding my daughter this morning. It was as scary as it sounds. Every bit as shocking as I have dreamt for […]

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The Child Inside

This past weekend, I had the joy of working with a group of teenagers from around the country. They were here to participate in a leadership weekend and become the first ever Youth Board for the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association. CMT is the disability that the youth and I all share. 9 totally different kids. And yet […]

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Walking the Walk

My usual birthday tradition is to reflect upon and then write about what the last year of my life has taught me. I spend the actual birthday solo and introspective, to pay attention to the lessons that sometimes fly past our busy lives. And yet, this year, I did not get the chance to carry […]

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I have always had specific dreams. Maybe it’s the Piscean in me but sometimes I love to dream in detail. One of my longest running dreams was to be married and expecting a baby and my pregnant wife gets a random craving and I delightfully go and make it happen. Just always seemed like it […]

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